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I had originally titled this post “The Onslaught of Autumn”. I think Audacity sounds more Autumnal, don’t you? Is Autumnal a word?

Anyway, how are you? I’m doing okay thanks. Lots of readings, the kiddo is back in school, I’m doing tons of laundry and lots of other regular stuff. And you?

I want to focus on healing this week. Tonight I am making a Healing and Good Health Candle for myself, but I want to open it up to all of you.

If you want me to engrave your name on the candle and share some great healing energy, send me a tweet and follow me on twitter – or like my facebook page – and post the name of the person you’d like to send healing energy to. I will post a picture of the candle before lighting it tonight. Spread the word, and let’s make this a thing!

The candle will be essentially an on-running prayer for healing for anything that seems off balance or is full out making you sick. If I get requests after the candle is lit, I will continue to write names that will be either right under it, or posted on the candle’s glass.

Okay. Let’s do this!