The craving for a good reading is a palpable thing, my friends!  I need one, and if you do too, then fill this out –

[bookly-form category_id=”1″ service_id=”1″ staff_member_id=”1″] and hopefully we can bring some answers into the light for you.

Do you prepare questions before your reading?  I always regret not doing that before having a reading! I’ve also forgotten to tape them, which makes me crazy!

People mostly ask about their careers, their relationships, families and other problematic worries.  There are also very “high vibration” readings that are more involved with spiritual direction, lifepath questions and validation of purpose.

I’m eager to talk to you about any of the above, and anything else you feel the need to discuss.  Sending straight up vibes of love and light to any and all who are in need of it!