You know, it’s funny. It’s supposed to be Spring, yet we got snow yesterday. It really doesn’t matter what we think or want when it comes to “seasonal” weather. It’s gonna do what it’s gonna do! That’s the power of Mama Nature.

What are your plans for this upcoming Spring? Will there be travel, weddings, any gardening, any hiding in the house and watching TV?

I love to give Spring Cleaning readings, and making Spring Cleaning candles. Both of these help clear out the dust and cobwebs from the winter and renew our souls.  Or at least give you some perspective, and some light!

Until May 1st, one hour readings will be $75 (rather than my normal $100 rate), and my Spring Cleaning 7 Day Candles will be $25 (plus shipping, if you want to burn it yourself, or $30 if you want me to burn it here) rather than the normal $40 price.

Call me at (516) 495-9775 or email me at

Love and kisses and all that jazz!