Changing It Up!

Hey everyone!  Here in New York, I’m still a little nervous to say it out and publicly, but…Spring is finally here!  This makes me ridiculously happy (and sneezy…oh and dopey too!) I have a wonderful partner in crime named Scarlett, and she runs Lucky Scars.  It’s a healing center out here on Long Island and […]

Temporary People

Walking out...and vanishing.

Walking out…and vanishing.

Have you ever experienced meeting someone who would be in your life a short time, and then just sort of fades away?  Your friends either don’t remember this person, or if they do, it’s in a vague way?

These people, in my life anyway, are the ones that can’t be found, yet were with me at very important moments and might have even been a catalyst for change.  I wonder about them.  Were they angels?  Were they demons?  Were they both?  Were they spirit who borrowed someone’s body for a short time?

I met one of mine on a New Years Eve many many years ago.  Many!  I was set to meet a friend at Saint Marks Bar & Grill in NYC.  It was the setting for the Rolling Stones “Waiting For A Friend”, which was quite ironic since I got stood up!  However, another person came into the bar who was also looking for my friend.  So in the end, she stood us both up, and we ended up having an amazing night, going from club to club and basically laughing through dawn!

We remained friends for a short time afterward.  On my birthday 8 months later, however, she spotted Steve Stevens walking down MacDougal Street as we were headed for the Scrap Bar.  I told her I didn’t want to follow Mr. Stevens, I wanted to see my friends.  She smacked me across the face and ran away….never to be seen again!

There have been many others.  Some appear for a few minutes, offer advice or make me laugh, and then are simply gone.

Do you have any experiences like these?  Am I the only one?


Spring Breakage. Oh! And A SALE!


You know, it’s funny. It’s supposed to be Spring, yet we got snow yesterday. It really doesn’t matter what we think or want when it comes to “seasonal” weather. It’s gonna do what it’s gonna do! That’s the power of Mama Nature.

What are your plans for this upcoming Spring? Will there be travel, weddings, any gardening, any hiding in the house and watching TV?

I love to give Spring Cleaning readings, and making Spring Cleaning candles. Both of these help clear out the dust and cobwebs from the winter and renew our souls.  Or at least give you some perspective, and some light!

Until May 1st, one hour readings will be $75 (rather than my normal $100 rate), and my Spring Cleaning 7 Day Candles will be $25 (plus shipping, if you want to burn it yourself, or $30 if you want me to burn it here) rather than the normal $40 price.

Call me at (516) 495-9775 or email me at

Love and kisses and all that jazz!

It’s Your Mama…



Hey there everyone!  You may know me as MamaTattoo, or as Alice.  I am also Alice the Rare Medium!  I’m very excited to roll out this part of my gift and to read without the cards.  This has been a long strange journey for me and if you’re having an odd one yourself, I just might be able to help!


I’m a hair over 45 years old (if a hair equals 3 years!) and I have been reading Tarot since I was 9.  I have clairaudient and clairsentient ability which means that I do hear and feel things that can be incredibly helpful in readings.

What you need to know and what I can help you with are all that is truly important to me during our time together.  I will not be telling you about curses that are upon you or that you’ll need some dramatic magickal ritual to solve all your problems.  You will be heard, and I may give you some advice, but none of it will involve anything weird or super expensive.  Also, you will not be paying to hear about me!  

PHONE READINGS:  I am Long Island based, and I do offer readings via phone.  $50 for one half hour.  $100 for one full hour.

IN PERSON READINGS:  My in-person readings have a one hour minimum.  If I come to you, there will be an additional $30 travel fee, but if you are booking readings for yourself and one or two friends, that fee is waived.   Please call to see if a reading at your home or place of business can be arranged.  

GROUP READINGS:  If you’re on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens or NYC and can host a party, I offer medium readings to groups of 10 and more people.  The cost is $50 per person, and you, as host, pay nothing. 

I look forward to hearing from you!  Please call me at 516 495 9775  or via email at  Thank you!