This picture combined with the Mark Twain quote took my breath away.

What Can I Help You With?


Glinda and I think it’s time for a reading, and I hope you agree!

If you’re interested in booking a reading, please email me at, or call me at (516) 495-9775 today!

Chakras Rule!

I found this piece and wanted to share it with you!  What do you think of it?  Do you do any Chakra meditations??  I find them to be the most incredibly useful way to combat depression.  Please check out this site!


Discover Your Aura: Chakras.

via Chakras Rule!.



Hey there everybody!  I am giving away a full one hour reading to one of my lucky duck followers on Facebook!  I want to hear about the worst reading you’ve ever had.  I want to know how off base your reader was, and what was told to you that clearly never happened. I will post the winning story on MamaTarot and also on my Facebook page.  Please tell me if that link doesn’t work!  Contest ends on May 11th.  You can either email me your horror stories, or post them as a comment on this blog, or slap em up on the Facebook page.  Please know that the winning story will be posted on both WordPress and Facebook.  Good luck!!!  And…..GO!

It’s Your Mama…



Hey there everyone!  You may know me as MamaTattoo, or as Alice.  I am also Alice the Rare Medium!  I’m very excited to roll out this part of my gift and to read without the cards.  This has been a long strange journey for me and if you’re having an odd one yourself, I just might be able to help!


I’m a hair over 45 years old (if a hair equals 3 years!) and I have been reading Tarot since I was 9.  I have clairaudient and clairsentient ability which means that I do hear and feel things that can be incredibly helpful in readings.

What you need to know and what I can help you with are all that is truly important to me during our time together.  I will not be telling you about curses that are upon you or that you’ll need some dramatic magickal ritual to solve all your problems.  You will be heard, and I may give you some advice, but none of it will involve anything weird or super expensive.  Also, you will not be paying to hear about me!  

PHONE READINGS:  I am Long Island based, and I do offer readings via phone.  $50 for one half hour.  $100 for one full hour.

IN PERSON READINGS:  My in-person readings have a one hour minimum.  If I come to you, there will be an additional $30 travel fee, but if you are booking readings for yourself and one or two friends, that fee is waived.   Please call to see if a reading at your home or place of business can be arranged.  

GROUP READINGS:  If you’re on Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens or NYC and can host a party, I offer medium readings to groups of 10 and more people.  The cost is $50 per person, and you, as host, pay nothing. 

I look forward to hearing from you!  Please call me at 516 495 9775  or via email at  Thank you!