A Sunday in February, Or “What The Hell Happened To This Month?”

So did someone hit a switch on a flux capacitor somewhere?  It’s like I hit 45 (okay, a few years ago – just shush) and time just started to slide by like it was skateboarding on a banana peel.  So much is changing, moving and flowing that it’s kind of making me dizzy.  Plus – mortgage payments feel like they’re weekly!  

I love tea, and I bought a whole lot of it from Clipper Ship Tea in Northport.  I love that store.  I think the owner runs and hides when she sees me, so I think I should cool it for a bit!  I buy honey, all different kinds of tea, honey dispensers, basically anything that I can justify buying when I happen to be there.  It’s so beautiful inside too.  They have samples of 3 to 6 or even more different kinds of tea, and they provide you with these cute real ceramic tea cups for you to try each of them.  I always, ALWAYS end up buying one of those teas, or another of my favorites.  They’ve also turned me into a honey FREAK.  They let me try all the different honeys they carry, but one day I decided to buy a honey that comes in such limited quantities that they couldn’t offer samples.  It’s local, and I’ve always heard that this is good when you have allergies and crap like that, so I sprung for it.  $20 for a medium jar of honey.  It is the most incredible substance I have ever experienced.  I’m promising you – I was on the verge of my 3rd sinus infection in 2 and a half months – gone.  Just cleared up.  The whole family is healthier (knock on wood!) and it has much to do with both the honey and the teas.  


Please ignore the Skippy in the background! Pay no attention to that or the flag that is stuck in the fake orchid plant!!!!

I loved the flavor and the color of this honey so much that I called the beekeeper.  Is that weird?  I wanted him to know that this was a magickal thing, and that his bees are awesome.  I also wanted to know if I could buy it any closer to my home than at the tea store.  I was on the phone with the man for an hour.  A Whole Hour.  It was fascinating.  I’m scared of bees, though I treasure them, and I would love to see this bees/beekeeper relationship in action.  

Something very odd just happened while I was writing this post, drinking my tea with honey.  I nearly choked to death. I got through it, but it was scary.  I must have slammed the keyboard while I was trying to breathe, and when I came back, this is what was typed beneath my previous paragraph!


I’m going to take that as a cosmic “grade”!




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Picture of the Day: The 1920s Selfie

And Oldie, but a Selfie nonetheless!

The Romance of Our Shadows

Call Me – I’m Live On The Old Telephone!


I am on Keen.com right now people! Give me a call for a reading you won’t forget, plus you get 3 minutes for free!  Happy Tuesday!

When I was about 8 or 9 years old, I discovered that I could hear voices. Afraid that I was losing my very young mind, I informed my mother, who told me that this was also something her grandmother had experienced in Ireland and that it was a blessing, not a curse. Listening to the voices made me realize that they were, in fact, telling me truthful, helpful and meaningful things. I got my first deck of cards around this time, and the way I taught myself to read was really by painting a picture and putting it together the way that only I can and do. Often I get little “insights” that help put the puzzle together. More than a reader and psychic medium, I think of myself as a bit of a “caring ear”, coach, or maybe cheerleader. I will do my best to help you if that’s what you want. I will listen to you, and above all, I will care about you and your feelings, and take them seriously.


Friday Haiku: Piggies

I can’t stand it. I love little piggies!!

Happy New Year!!!!