Calgon! Take Me Away….

Oh you beautiful souls! How are you? How’s August treating you thus far?

I have three quick things to share with you today.


I am going on vacation! A real one. For a week. I will be unavailable from 8/9 through 8/17. When I return, I will be doing only private readings three days per week, and I’ll be doing group readings. Please call me if you’re interested in hosting a group.


On August 20, I’m proud to announce that I will be part of Pat Longo’s Psychic Fair at Four Points Sheraton, 333 South Service Road Plainview NY from 1PM to 5PM. That day is also my birthday, so I’ll expect a few shout outs!


Effective October 1, 2017 my rates will be as follows:

One Hour Reading – $150
45 Minute Reading (Phone only) – $110
30 Minute Reading (Phone only) – $75

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! Sending each and every one of you a beautiful ray of white light to zap the sadness away!

The Audacity of Autumn

 photo forest walk_zpswd0609he.jpg

I had originally titled this post “The Onslaught of Autumn”. I think Audacity sounds more Autumnal, don’t you? Is Autumnal a word?

Anyway, how are you? I’m doing okay thanks. Lots of readings, the kiddo is back in school, I’m doing tons of laundry and lots of other regular stuff. And you?

I want to focus on healing this week. Tonight I am making a Healing and Good Health Candle for myself, but I want to open it up to all of you.

If you want me to engrave your name on the candle and share some great healing energy, send me a tweet and follow me on twitter – or like my facebook page – and post the name of the person you’d like to send healing energy to. I will post a picture of the candle before lighting it tonight. Spread the word, and let’s make this a thing!

The candle will be essentially an on-running prayer for healing for anything that seems off balance or is full out making you sick. If I get requests after the candle is lit, I will continue to write names that will be either right under it, or posted on the candle’s glass.

Okay. Let’s do this!


Photo by Arno Smit. Unsplash

Photo by Arno Smit. Unsplash

I hope you are all having a healthy and happy July. This post is to keep you all up to date on the crazy doings at!


I am changing my hours to accommodate being home with my daughter for the summer. I never ever imagined I’d be working from home and seeing my child grow day by day, but somehow I got very very lucky. Going forward, my hours are as follows:

Monday – This is a hit or miss! If I have no appointments on a Monday for the Summer, I may take off. One of the perks of working for yourself!
Tuesday through Friday 10AM – 7:30PM
Saturday 10AM – 1:30PM

Parties are still available. I suggest that you email me with the dates, times and number of people involved along with your desire for a group reading (all at once) or for individual readings. In a party setting, the individual readings are 25 minutes long and cost $55 per person. Effective July 17th, the cost will be $60 per person.

Also effective July 17th, my hourly rate will increase to $125, and my half hour readings will be $60. If you prefer to do a 45 minute reading, that will be $95.

Feel free to book your reading, and have an amazing Summer!

Changing It Up!

Hey everyone!  Here in New York, I’m still a little nervous to say it out and publicly, but…Spring is finally here!  This makes me ridiculously happy (and sneezy…oh and dopey too!) I have a wonderful partner in crime named Scarlett, and she runs Lucky Scars.  It’s a healing center out here on Long Island and […]

Clear Blue Sky…And Candles!

I’ve been carving and dressing candles since I was either 19 or 20.  I worked in a shop back then, and would ask the clients what they were looking for.  Then, we’d prescribe for them the right color candle, with the appropriate oil or oils, add honey to the bottom as an offering to God/Goddess/The Universe and dress the candles with glitter in different colors.  I loved doing them, and refused to do any that were negative or in any way controlling (except for serious and life threatening addictions – they were an exception to my rule).  I find that candles are an effective form of prayer.

I have now designed my own line of candles and am dressing them and selling them.  I wanted to roll a few out so you can see if there’s one or more that you’d like.

Pathways – This is a candle for those who can’t quite figure out which way to go to achieve peace and happiness.  It helps you to make decisions while also making sure you have the proper amount of luck and energy to get there.  It’s usually a yellow or orange candle, and has a roadway carved in, along with 7 stars representing your chakras.

Focus – Many of us have trouble focusing on the tasks at hand.  When this happens, a Focus candle can really help keep our thoughts in line with what is needed.  This candle is white and has an eye.

Get Lost Stalker – This is one of my favorites.  It’s a sort of banishing candle, but with a gentle, peaceful edge.  I’ll suggest an additional action that you can do at home right away, and then we’ll add this in either blue, or gray depending on how intensely you’re being targeted.  What this candle will do is to make this person think of other things and people instead of you constantly.  It breaks the infatuation or hatred up just enough to distract them and set you free.

The Ahhhhhh Candle – This is one of my favorites.  I created it for an old friend and client who’s initials are AH.  It’s essentially a joy candle to bring you happiness that you can’t ignore, and it also is an “unlocking” candle for you to find your inspiration and the key to getting where you need to be.  Amazingly powerful candle!  It can be done on yellow, pink, white, blue or purple.

Garbage Out Candle – I love this candle.  It will terminate the effects of negative words and thoughts.  In one ear and right out the other.  It’s an orange candle and has an actual trash pail carved into it.  This is where you’ll put those less than nice thoughts you have and words you hear.  It will replace the space and time that previously was used with these depressing triggers with pure white light.

Best Love:  Looking for your soulmate?  This is the one for you. It’s a beautiful pink candle with arrows pointing to the center of a heart.  This will help you find the person that is right for you, and for whom you’re right!  It’s gentle, but quick and powerful.

Home Body– Need to fix up some energy in your home? Do you have neighbors who irritate you? This will neutralize the negative energy brought in by someone you would prefer not to have in your home.  It’s a blue candle and it contains a house, surrounded by love and peace, inside and out.

These candles can be shipped to you for you to burn, or I can keep them lit here in my workshop.  It’s entirely up to you.  The candles are $35 each, and that includes shipping.  It’s $40 if you want me to burn it here and send you pictures.

Later today I will be creating some artwork for you to see what will be placed on the candles.



Temporary People

Walking out...and vanishing.

Walking out…and vanishing.

Have you ever experienced meeting someone who would be in your life a short time, and then just sort of fades away?  Your friends either don’t remember this person, or if they do, it’s in a vague way?

These people, in my life anyway, are the ones that can’t be found, yet were with me at very important moments and might have even been a catalyst for change.  I wonder about them.  Were they angels?  Were they demons?  Were they both?  Were they spirit who borrowed someone’s body for a short time?

I met one of mine on a New Years Eve many many years ago.  Many!  I was set to meet a friend at Saint Marks Bar & Grill in NYC.  It was the setting for the Rolling Stones “Waiting For A Friend”, which was quite ironic since I got stood up!  However, another person came into the bar who was also looking for my friend.  So in the end, she stood us both up, and we ended up having an amazing night, going from club to club and basically laughing through dawn!

We remained friends for a short time afterward.  On my birthday 8 months later, however, she spotted Steve Stevens walking down MacDougal Street as we were headed for the Scrap Bar.  I told her I didn’t want to follow Mr. Stevens, I wanted to see my friends.  She smacked me across the face and ran away….never to be seen again!

There have been many others.  Some appear for a few minutes, offer advice or make me laugh, and then are simply gone.

Do you have any experiences like these?  Am I the only one?