What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?

Photo by Todd DeSantis on Unsplash Hey everyone! I hope you're doing well and navigating your way through this Winter. News: There will be later in the day availabilities on Wednesdays for in-person readings. I hope that helps make things a bit easier for those of you with time constraints. Hahahaha! Who doesn't

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Calgon! Take Me Away….

Oh you beautiful souls! How are you? How's August treating you thus far? I have three quick things to share with you today. First: I am going on vacation! A real one. For a week. I will be unavailable from 8/9 through 8/17. When I return, I will be doing only private readings three days

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The Audacity of Autumn

I had originally titled this post "The Onslaught of Autumn". I think Audacity sounds more Autumnal, don't you? Is Autumnal a word? Anyway, how are you? I'm doing okay thanks. Lots of readings, the kiddo is back in school, I'm doing tons of laundry and lots of other regular stuff. And you? I want to

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Photo by Arno Smit. Unsplash I hope you are all having a healthy and happy July. This post is to keep you all up to date on the crazy doings at ReadingsbyAlice.com! Days/Hours/Rates: I am changing my hours to accommodate being home with my daughter for the summer. I never ever imagined I'd

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Changing It Up!

Hey everyone!  Here in New York, I'm still a little nervous to say it out and publicly, but...Spring is finally here!  This makes me ridiculously happy (and sneezy...oh and dopey too!) I have a wonderful partner in crime named Scarlett, and she runs Lucky Scars.  It's a healing center out here on Long Island and

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Clear Blue Sky…And Candles!

I've been carving and dressing candles since I was either 19 or 20.  I worked in a shop back then, and would ask the clients what they were looking for.  Then, we'd prescribe for them the right color candle, with the appropriate oil or oils, add honey to the bottom as an offering to God/Goddess/The

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